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Travel Africa 90 cover


  • Why your safari is good for the environment
  • Serengeti-Mara and other migrations
  • How climate affects everything
  • South Africa’s seasons demystified
  • Importance of Africa’s forests and trees
  • Africa’s rivers & lakes sustain rich habitats
  • What it’s really like on a silent safari
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Travel Africa 90

The Green Issue - why your safari is good for the environment

This green issue is an exploration into how the climate affects your safari experience

Contents for this issue:

Discover the weather-beaten face of Africa and how climate affects everything, from wildlife to the choices we make on safari
• Overview of the continent’s climate
• To fly or not to fly?
• Wildlife and the weather
• Namibia: how the weather shapes nature


Regular features
• This is Africa, by Brian Jackman
• Lockdown reflections, by Mike Unwin
• Safari Ideas to help you plan a green safari
• What it means to be green
• Green roots: behind the scenes of an eco-friendly lodge
• Seasonal camps / What it’s really like on a silent safari
• Doing their bit: green practice
• Safari Planner: our advertising partners listed

Travel Africa 90Seasons
Despite their impact, there is never a dull time to visit
• South Africa: demystifying the seasons
• South Africa: Namaqualand’s magic carpet
• Zambia: the glorious green season
• Botswana: the Okavango floods explained
• Zimbabwe/Zambia: the Victoria Falls’ annual flow


Travel Africa 90Migrations
All in the timing: moving wildlife moments
• Serengeti-Mara: the great migration… and beyond. A collection of articles to help you plan your ultimate trip
• Animal exodus: other must-see migrations for your bucket list
• Flight paths: the remarkable world of migratory birds
• Flow motion: the impact of climate on our marine wildlife


Travel Africa 90Forests
The importance of Africa’s forests and iconic trees
• The green heart: trees of life
• The great green wall
• Life in the great forests: with researchers in the Congo Basin
• Branching out: start with including these experiences in your next itinerary
• Iconic trees of Africa
• Botswana: the story behind Baines’ Baobabs


Travel Africa 90Water
Lifeblood of the continent, Africa’s rivers and lakes sustain some of its richest habitats
• Our great waterways
• Splashing out: water-based activities at any pace
• The life of a waterhole
• It’s raining frogs: masters of aestivation

Safari section:
News and advice to help you plan a trip. Content includes:
• What it’s really like on a silent safari
• Behind the scenes of an eco-friendly lodge
• What it means to be green


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