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Travel Africa issue 91


  • Walk Luangwa – a rare expedition
  • Great Escape – where would you go?
  • The business of tourism
  • Namibia from the air
  • Remembering Cheetahs
  • Gorillas, Gorongosa, Gonarezhou
  • Protecting lemurs in Madagascar
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Travel Africa issue 91

Deep impact - this issue is an exploration into how tourism can transform Africa's natural habitats, wildlife and communities

Contents for this issue:

• The business of tourism
• Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park
• Zimbabwe’s Gonarezhou National Park
• Namibia from the air
• Protecting Madagascar’s lemurs
• Kenya’s Northern Rangelands
• The Great Escape – where would you go?
• Remembering Cheetahs
• The Walk Luangwa expedition in Zambia


Regular features
• Togetherness, by Brian Jackman
• Africa in focus
• Safari Ideas to help you plan a safe safari
• What is wildlife worth?
• Elephant illness solved
• Covid camp protocols
• Safari in a Covid world
• Safari Planner: our advertising partners listed

Travel Africa issue 91The business of tourism
Why do lodges charge the rates they do, and where does your money really go? Dorine Reinstein investigates.

Mozambique: Gorongosa
Morgan Trimble learns more about the rehabilitation of one of Africa’s most biodiverse and least visited parks.

South Africa: Grootbos
The inspiring revival of a remarkable fynbos reserve, visited by Heather Richardson.

South Africa: Bulungula
Hambakazi Mercy Nqandeka introduces a remote Xhosa village gently adopting tourism.

South Africa: Maboneng
How inner-city Johannesburg is getting its pride back, by Melanie van Zyl.

Zimbabwe: Gonarezhou
How do you increase tourism without impacting the environment and keeping it affordable? By Sue Watt.


Travel Africa issue 91Madagascar: Somebody to love
Will Gray is impressed by the work being done to protect the lemurs and their threatened habitats.

Kenya: Northern Rangelands
How conservancies are transforming vast swathes of land and their communities. Rupi Mangat reports.

Rwanda/Uganda: Gorilla revival
A profound example of the positive wider impact of tourism, reviewed by Emma Gregg.


Travel Africa issue 91Remembering cheetahs
The publication of a new book reminds us to celebrate our fast and elusive feline friends. Plus Sue Watt meets a researcher protecting them.

Namibia from the air
Extraordinary photographs by Jay and Jan Roode reveal more about the desert landscape.


Travel Africa issue 91Zambia: Thinking on my feet
While the world was in lockdown, Mana Meadows joined a small group walking 350km through the Luangwa Valley. The expedition offered a rare insight to untrammelled wilderness, the threats to its wildlife, the importance of tourism… and time to get lost in thought. She shares her experience exclusively with Travel Africa.

Safari section:
News and advice to help you plan a trip. Content includes:
• How lodges and camps are keeping guests safe from Covid
• Keeping yourself safe from Covid in the air
• Accommodation news


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