Travel Africa 100

May-July 2023

To mark the occasion of our 100th issue, we’re introducing you to some pretty special people: your fellow travellers. Travel Africa is proud to have a loyal and engaged readership — most of whom have subscribed for many, many years; several since we launched in 1997 — so we decided to hand over the editorial reins to you.

All content in this 160-page bumper issue is either supplied by or motivated by our readers, including the glorious cover photo by longstanding subscriber Robert Wall. As the magazine reveals, you’re an amazing group, venturing into the furthest corners of the continent, returning regularly to favourite places where you have immersed yourself in nature and nurtured a deep passion for conservation and community. It is clear you really care about Africa, and that oozes through every page.

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In this issue:

In this issue, we sit around the campfire to hear some of your most memorable adventures, we travel with you to popular and lesser-known destinations, and we explore your wishlist of places you’re looking forward to visiting someday.

We discuss what makes your dream lodge and the camps you’ve particularly enjoyed staying at. We meet some of the remarkable guides who have brought Africa to life for you, and tap into your vast experience to share your advice for fellow safari-goers. And we address your travel questions.

One of the most difficult sections for us to edit was the portfolio of your favourite photos, some of which are simply extraordinary. We were also overwhelmed by the number of suggestions you had for books that have fuelled your interest from home — you’re going to need to make some space on your shelves for all of these!

Over all, issue 100 is exactly what we hoped it would be: a celebration of everything that Africa offers, told by real travellers speaking from the heart. It’s personal, it’s honest, it’s eye-catching, it’s helpful and it’s fun. Just like Africa. And exactly what we’ve always hoped for Travel Africa — a magazine by you, for you.

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