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Our surveys for the special readers’ Issue 100 showed, unsurprisingly, that the Maasai Mara is one of your favourite places; but you were also concerned about the impact of tourism on the reserve’s wildlife. So, in Issue 101 we take a deep dive into the efforts to conserve the Mara and what we all can do to relieve pressure on its wildlife. It’s a celebration of the Mara and an interesting insight to how we can minimise our impact wherever we travel.

Another ever-popular park is South Africa’s Kruger, and Mike Unwin’s diary shows how you can achieve a reliably rewarding wildlife experience here, while our practical guide to the underrated Tarangire National Park in Tanzania will help you to plan a rewarding visit. At the other end of the scale, Philip Briggs visits one of the most little-visited, but vast, parks: Gonarezhou, in southern Zimbabwe.

There’s plenty more in this issue for intrepid travellers (Algeria, anyone?) or those looking to slow down and take time getting to know a destination. And the mag wouldn’t be complete without more of your own stories and another reader photo gallery!

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In this issue:

The Mara: what next?
There is no question that the Maasai Mara offers one of the premier wildlife-watching experiences in the world, so it is no surprise that it is a perennial favourite for safari-goers — a bucket-list priority for first-timers and a cherished haven for regulars. But are we loving it to death? There is good news, though. In this special report, Anthony Ham looks at the appeal of the Mara, the impact that tourism is having and the efforts now being taken to try to bring some control to the management of the reserve. We also add your voice to the discussion (thank you to everyone who responded to our reader survey!). It is clear we all want — and need — to get this right.

Tanzania: Tarangire National Park
Perhaps our practical guide will prompt you to spend longer in this often overlooked and under-appreciated park? Includes testimony from readers.

Zimbabwe: Gonarezhou National Park
At the end of a month-long trip around the country, Philip Briggs was captivated by his time in Gonarezhou. For those looking for an elemental wilderness experience, this might be just the ticket.

South Africa: Kruger diary of a wildlife-lover
As you all know, a successful safari is made up of lots of memorable moments. Earlier this year Mike Unwin took a friend on his first visit to Africa on a 12-day self-drive safari around Kruger National Park. These excerpts from Mike’s diary convey some of the experiences that make this an excellent all-round game-viewing destination, no matter how often you have been.

Namibia: The birding challenge
Namibia is an intriguing birdwatching destination, great for serious twitchers and those of us who develop a keen interest as part of the all-round safari experience. We asked specialist guide Dayne Braine to tell us where to look, and to select 10 birds for us to seek on our next visit.

Malawi: A change of pace
Wherever you go in Malawi, there is an opportunity to feel the land beneath your feet. Phil Clisby and Sarah Kingdom test some of the walking trails that offer a more intimate opportunity to enjoy Malawi’s varied landscapes.

Zambia: Lingering in Lusaka
Most of us pass through cities on our way to and from national parks, but in doing so perhaps we’re missing an opportunity to get a feel for a country and her people. So we asked Sarah Kingdom to suggest some fun things to do in and around Lusaka.

Mozambique: Maputo National Park
Niel Crafford loads up a 4×4 and heads into Maputo NP, an exciting prospect for intrepid wilderness-loving self-drivers.

Algeria: Into the unknown
A deep curiosity and sense of wanderlust drives Mark Stratton to explore this little-visited North African country. Should it find its place on your bucket list?

Readers’ stories
We share more of your stories and showcase another reader photo gallery.

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