Travel Africa 91

January-March 2021

Having looked at the impact of your safari on the environment (in issue 90), in this issue we explore how tourism in Africa is essential for rural communities and the wider conservation effort. The greatest challenge to our natural resources is human population growth, but as you will see through many examples from across the continent, tourism is not only helping to mitigate this but is a real force for good. It’s an issue packed with ideas for exciting new destinations to add to your safari bucket list.

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In this issue:

In this issue, we look at how tourism can transform Africa’s natural habitats, wildlife and communities:

•  The business of tourism: Why do lodges charge the rates they do, and where does your money go?
•  Mozambique: Gorongosa – learn more about the rehabilitation of one of Africa’s most biodiverse and least visited parks.
•  Zimbabwe: Gonarezhou – Increasing tourism without impacting the environment and keeping it affordable
•  Zambia: Thinking on my feet – While the world was in lockdown, Mana Meadows joined a small group walking 350km through the Luangwa Valley. The expedition offered a rare insight to untrammelled wilderness, the threats to its wildlife, the importance of tourism… and time to get lost in thought. She shares her experience exclusively with Travel Africa.
•  Madagascar: Somebody to love – taking a look at the work being done to protect the lemurs and their threatened habitats.
•  Kenya: Northern Rangelands – how conservancies are transforming vast swathes of land and their communities.
•  Rwanda/Uganda: Gorilla revival – a profound example of the positive wider impact of tourism.
•  Plus much more!

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