Travel Africa 93

July-September 2021

At some point, each of us will have been inspired by a great piece of travel writing. In this issue we reflect on the power of well-chosen words to bring to life some of the places we visit and the experiences we cherish. We hope our features on Malawi, Victoria Falls, the Greater Kruger and Nyungwe, among others, will encourage you to put them on your travel wishlist, and we consider whether the term ‘The Big 5’ is relevant for today’s wildlife-loving safari-goer. We have some reflective comments from Jonathan and Angela Scott, Mark Eveleigh and Sarika Bansal, and Mike Unwin shares his thoughts on how to write about wildlife. And, of course, we also have more reader stories on what Africa means to you…

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Redefining the Big 5
For many people in tourism, wildlife photography and conservation, the term ‘The Big 5’ is outdated and inappropriate in the modern age, where safari-goers are armed with cameras and the battle to protect our natural heritage in so urgent. In this 22-page feature we look at photographer Graeme Green’s initiative to reimagine the New Big 5, and celebrate the African animals on the updated list (and some that didn’t get recognised but deserve attention) with the help of conservation stalwarts and some of Africa’s top photographers.

Rwanda: Nyungwe forest
Much is happening in Rwanda that should catch every nature lover’s attention. With the mountain gorillas and the rejuvenated Akagera, the country already offers an excellent wildlife experience. In this feature, we visit Nyungwe Forest, the latest reserve to be co-managed by African Parks. Paul Nel goes in search of chimpanzees, while Sue Watt reflects on the rewards of just being in the forest and on the future plans for the park.

Kenya: Make yourself at home
If you’re keen for a change of scene after so long under lockdown, why not set up camp for an extended period on Kenya’s coast? There’s a host of excellent, affordable, long-stay options that will give you a taste of beach life and a good restorative boost. By Tamara Britten

Malawi: Muli bwanje?
All visitors to Malawi quickly become familiar with this cheerful greeting. For Kelly White, it has accompanied him on many visits during his enduring 26-year relationship with the country. So what keeps him going back?

The Victoria Falls
There is little doubt that the Victoria Falls is one of the most dramatic scenes; no surprise it is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. But how does it feel to stand before ‘mosi-oa-tunya’ (“the smoke that thunders”)? Does nature have the power to inspire us? Do the falls live up to expectations? Emma Gregg’s evocative essay is followed by some practical tips on how you can view the falls from all angles… and when.

Botswana: Break free!
If you’re looking for more immersive or unusual experiences to inspire your next safari, use Carrie Hampton’s guide to build your Botswana bucket list.

Namibia: Visual impact
On our travels, we encounter new experiences and scenes every day, creating memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. With camera in hand, we attempt to capture those moments as a visual record, but to attain the atmosphere of that instant well is not easy. Long fascinated by Namibia’s contrasting landscapes, photographer Charlie Lynam returned on a mission to embrace the unique challenges the country offers. A stunning portfolio and photography tips over 12 pages.

Greater Kruger: the real deal?
Is Kruger the best all-round wildlife destination in Africa? Every park has its unique attributes and its shortcomings, but when you have a contiguous reserve the size of Belgium, surely there is something for everyone – and many ways to experience it? But is the Greater Kruger over-hyped or underestimated? Mark Eveleigh travels its full length to find out.

• What Africa means to me: more reader insights on what keeps you going back
• Talking in tongs, by Mark Eveleigh (and more of our flavourite things)
• Reconnecting with nature, by Jonathan and Angela Scott
• Tread brightly, by Sarika Bansal
• Writing about wildlife, by Mike Unwin
• Self-drive Tanzania: an expert’s insight, by Julie Osborne-Tame
• Global rescue or travel insurance?

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