Travel Africa 92

April-June 2021

After a year of lockdown and very limited travel, it is clear that we are all missing Africa terribly and yearning to get back on safari as soon as possible. But what is it that we love and miss so much about the continent? What triggers the so-called ‘Africa bug’ that keeps us returning. With more input from readers than ever before, with this issue we attempt to create a sort of ‘virtual hug’ between all of us who love and miss Africa. We celebrate the joy of safari, and explore what makes the continent so special for each of us. Our most personal and emotive issue to date.

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In this issue:

In this issue we have explored the joy of safari, what Africa means to us, the ‘Africa bug’, spurred on by your enthusiasm! Hear reader stories and reflections from fellow travellers and travel writers.


• Africa at home: Fun ways to bring a piece of Africa into your everyday lives.
• The black leopard: Will Burrard-Lucas shares his lifelong quest to photograph the most elusive of all big cats.
• Kenya: Secrets of Sand River – thirty years after her first visit, Delta Willis returns to the Maasai Mara.
• Tanzania: Circuit breaks – with so much on offer, we show you how to figure out which areas are best for you.
• Free spirit – If you’re looking to really get away from it all, go self-drive, says Charles Norwood.
• Namibia: Renewal – when rain comes, the transformation is magical.
• South Africa/Botswana: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – finding solitude in the vast wilderness of the Kalahari.
• Zambia and I – Chris McIntyre shares why this southern African country has captured his heart.
• South Africa: Photoschool, in the heart of the Great Karoo, lies a photographer’s dream reserve: Samara.

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