Travel Africa 95

January-March 2022

For many wildlife-lovers, an African safari is the ultimate treat, the chance to escape into nature and spend time among the myriad animals that we love and have dreamt of seeing. But with a continent so vast, with so many options, planning a trip can feel overwhelming. What are the questions you should consider before you book your tickets? Where are the best places for you to visit? And are there things you can do once you are on the ground to ensure it is the most enriching and rewarding experience possible? We’re here to help. Issue 95 is our most practical issue to date, with loads of expert advice, tips and ideas, dedicated to helping you to make your safari extraordinary.

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In this issue:

Planning: What you need to think about before you book

• The starting point: What sort of safari is for you? The questions you should consider

• The environmental impact: How you can reduce your carbon footprint

• How best to book? Should you book direct or use a travel specialist? We way up the pros and cons

• Going solo: The challenges of organising your own trips

• When is the best time for game-viewing? Does it matter when you travel? How the seasons influence the experience

• Safaris for all: No matter your circumstances, companies are geared up to cater for all niche requirements

• Mix it up! Don’t restrict yourself to conventional vehicle-based game-viewing

• Essential equipment: Why binoculars are essential; choosing reference books

• Pack like a pro: Our tips on what you should take with you

Where: With a continent so vast, you’re spoilt for choice. We’re here to help.

• The big picture: understanding a destination, what to think about when choosing where you’ll go

• Country overviews: What each destination offers

• Ideas bank: great wildlife parks: Want help figuring out which reserves you should try next?

• Getting into the habitat: How ecosystems attract different wildlife

• Deep impact: Some parks are appreciated for more than wildlife

• A series of fortunate events: Must-see wildlife ‘happenings’ to put on your bucket list

• Aspirational bird sightings: Everyone’s a birder on safari. Here’s some avian highlights to watch out for

• Safari mission impossible: The one that continues to get away, we all have one

• Your elusive eleven: Tips to help you find the animals that elude you

The safari experience: What can you do to make your safari all the more enriching?

• Great expectations: The travails of a wildlife lover

• Getting bush-ready: How to tune into your new environment quickly

• Where to look: Tips to help you spot wildlife

• Best behaviour: Having a basic knowledge of animal behaviour will help

• Lessons from behind the lens: What can we learn from wildlife filmmakers?

• Pretend you’re on a game count: The tricks employed by counters could enrich your experience

• Downtime? What downtime? Don’t miss the game-viewing opportunities on your doorstep

• Attention to detail: Wildlife comes in all sizes and forms; you just have to notice it

• Angle finder: Changing your viewpoint can make a big difference

• Hide or seek? The merits of sitting in a wooden box

• Picture the moments: How not to let your photography get in the way

• Becoming a guide: What it takes to be a guide – the qualifications explained

• Make the most of your guide: What you can do to help

• A day in the life of a safari guide: Miraji Gwau talks us through his daily routine

• Your wildlife-watching highlights: A selection of YOUR most memorable sightings

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