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Travel Africa magazine is a celebration of all that we love about the world’s most exciting continent. Published quarterly, we draw on the insight and experience of travel experts, writers, photographers, conservationists and travellers to provide inspiration and advice to help you plan your future trips, whether you are new to Africa or have already fallen under its spell. With the turn of every page, discover something new about Africa’s diverse attractions, wildlife and culture, immerse yourself in safari life – and connect with those unforgettable moments that touch the soul and make travel to Africa so gloriously addictive.

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Issue 96 (April-June 2022)

Seeking space? The lure of finding somewhere quiet to escape to is very appealing. And there’s few places more spacious than Namibia, perhaps Africa’s most beguiling destination. Our 27-page practical guide will help you plan your best adventure. Plus, in South Africa, Fiona McIntosh reveals 20 amazing places for you to clear your head without breaking the bank, while Mike Unwin has a productive time in the open plains of the Serengeti and Nicky Dunnington-Jefferson takes it even further, venturing into the deserts in Niger. If you’re visiting the Victoria Falls, our accommodation guide will help you choose the ideal place to stay, and we couldn’t resist showcasing the wildlife of the Maasai Mara with a stunning photo gallery. Brian Jackman has once again weaved his magic: check out his evocative essay on the sounds of Africa that’ll have you yearning to get back in the bush!


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