Travel Africa 99

February – April 2023

Putting together an African holiday is more complex than to most other destinations, and that’s the joy of it: Africa offers a deep connection to nature, an opportunity to explore untrammelled wilderness, fill our souls with fresh air and new experiences. In this issue, we look at the companies and people who bring our safari dreams to life — from tour operators, to lodge and camp owners, guides and even those who get us from A to B. Over 25 years of publishing Travel Africa, we have worked with hundreds of African travel specialists, and we have tapped into this deep well of experience to bring you a collection of articles and insight to help you plan your future travels.

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In this issue:

We’ve broken this issue into three sections:



Good travel companies should help us to figure out where we might want to go, to encourage us to discover new places and enjoy new experiences. Perhaps this section will sow some seeds for your future adventures?

  • What’s the recipe for the perfect adventure?
  • Ideas bank: some suggestions for your wishlist
  • Travel trends in 2023
  • Unusual trips for old hands
  • Safaris for all
  • Tips for breaking new ground (case study: Angola)
  • Same place, different place: looking afresh at familiar destinations
  • Africa in my life: sharing your passion in creative ways



Once you have decided where you want to go, the next challenge is to go ahead and book it. What are your options and where do you start? What happens when you book, and how can you find the ideal companies to travel with? Whether you’re a first-timer or veteran traveller, use this guide to make your planning process more effective and efficient.

  • Who does what? The travel trade explained
  • Tour types: what are your travel options?
  • How to find reliable travel companies
  • How to get the most out of your tour operator
  • The booking process: a labour of love
  • Why experience counts
  • Know where you go: researching a destination
  • Memory makers: readers nominate the people who have enhanced their safaris


The experience

Once you’re on the ground, how do companies ensure you get the most out of your stay? We join a few trips to see how the planning all comes together and look behind the scenes to learn more about how your hosts prepare for your visit and how you can make your stay even more memorable.

  • Namibia: the drive of our lives
  • Malawi: exploring Liwonde National Park
  • Zambia: the evolution of tourism / sample accommodation
  • Zimbabwe: southern comfort
  • Safari people: what it takes to run a lodge
  • What guides want to know
  • Quiz: could you be a safari guide?
  • Why use a specialist photography guide
  • Photography: why I do what I do
  • 10 reasons binoculars are essential
  • Setting up camp the thought that goes into your lodgings
  • Sleeping arrangements: no two beds are the same
  • Kenya viewfinders: a pick of the pillows
  • Learning in camp: who says there is nothing to do in ‘downtime’?
  • Food, glorious food: reinventing the menu
  • Want to work in tourism? This is what it’s like
  • Make it permanent: investing in your own piece of Africa

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