Travel Africa 90

September-December 2020

Published about six months after Covid had swept the world, and at a time when attention on the environment was really high, our Green Issue was dedicated to exploring why travel to Africa is not only good for the environment, but essential for it. Broken into sections addressing Climate, Seasons, Migrations, Forests and Water, we travel the continent to learn how your safari is critical for the protection of our natural habitat, and how your entire safari experience is governed by the weather. It makes for some pretty extraordinary wildlife-watching opportunities.

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In this issue:

This ‘green’ issue is an exploration into how the climate affects your safari experience

Discover the weather-beaten face of Africa and how climate affects everything, from wildlife to the choices we make on safari with an overview of the continent’s climate, a question on whether to fly or not, wildlife and the weather, and how the weather shapes nature, using Namibia as our example

Despite the impact of seasons, there is never a dull time to visit Africa! We demystify South Africa’s seasons, explore Namaqualand’s magic carpet, have a look at Zambia’s glorious green season, we’ll explain the Okavango floods in Botswana, and talk about the annual flow over the Victoria Falls.

All in the timing: we’ll show you the Serengeti-Mara great migration… and beyond. A collection of articles to help you plan your ultimate trip with Animal exodus: other must-see migrations for your bucket list; Flight paths: the remarkable world of migratory birds, and; 88 Flow motion: the impact of climate on our marine wildlife

The importance of Africa’s forests and iconic trees: trees of life; the great green wall; Life in the great forests: with researchers in the Congo Basin; Iconic trees of Africa; and Botswana: the story behind Baines’ Baobabs

Lifeblood of the continent, Africa’s rivers and lakes sustain some of its richest habitats. We take a look at our great waterways plus water-based activities at any pace, we’ll have a look at the life of a waterhole and the masters of aestivation (frogs!)

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