Travel Africa 97

July-September 2022

Tanzania is probably the greatest all-round wildlife destination in Africa — arguably the world. But with such an appealing variety of attractions, the choice of where to go can be overwhelming. Perhaps Mike Unwin’s 21-page tour of the country will help you to plan your next adventure? In this issue we also take safari-lovers to Liuwa Plain in Zambia, Akagera in Rwanda, Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, Khwai in Botswana and Liwonde in Malawi, while Craig S Harrison returns to Uganda 50 years after his last visit, to see how it’s changed. We also stroll around Windhoek, hike the high plateaus of Mt Kenya, explore the creative vibe of South Africa and witness the release of a rescued pangolin. There’s plenty to inspire your future travels, no matter your interests.

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Tanzania – a wildlife-lover’s guide
Tanzania is probably the greatest wildlife destination in Africa. But with such an appealing variety of attractions, the choice where to go can be overwhelming. Perhaps Mike Unwin’s tour will offer some inspiration for your next safari


Kenya: Aim high – Most visitors are drawn to Kenya’s sweeping savannahs, but why confine yourself to the open plains? James Farr explains why exploring Mt Kenya is so intoxicating. Plus Denis Costello recommends five great multi- day walks in safari country

Rwanda: Revival – With Akagera, Rwanda’s safari experience is taking on a diverse maturity, and the benefits are far- reaching, says Graeme Green

Uganda: Golden ticket – Craig S Harrison revisits Uganda 50 years after his last visit, to see how it has changed

South Africa: Character sketch – Africans are extraordinarily creative, and this is particularly noticeable in South Africa. Taking the time to investigate and appreciate this artistic space will give you an enduring sense of the energy of the people at the heart of the nation — and you’ll meet some memorable folks along the way. By Cindy-Lou Dale

Zambia: Plain truth – In remote western Zambia lies Liuwa Plain, one of Africa’s most alluring and less-known parks. Philip Briggs explains why it is well worth making the effort to visit

Zimbabwe: Rhapsody in blue – Safaris often conjure thoughts of endless grasslands, dusty trails and narrow waterways, but in north-west Zimbabwe, a wilderness like no other will challenge that perspective

Pangolins: Return to the wild – Pangolins are an increasingly sought-after sighting. The most trafficked animals in the world, across the continent efforts are being made to protect them. Sarah Marshall visits a project in South Africa that seeks to help pangolins rescued from poachers

Botswana: Fields of dreams – All too often we spend our limited time on safari peering through the vegetation in search of animals. Taking it slowly in the Khwai concession, Sue Watt realises we may be making a mistake

Namibia: Strolling in the sun – African cities are always worth lingering in, for they give you a sense of the character of a country. Some, like Windhoek, deserve a peaceful meander, says Emma Gregg

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