Travel Africa 94

October-December 2021

With restrictions largely removed and travel once more a doable option for most, this new edition aims to provide loads of fresh ideas and inspiration to fuel your long-awaited return to Africa. ‘Book of dreams’ offers intriguing experiences to enhance your South African adventure, we find solitude on the Zambezi, travel on a budget in Kenya, explore the backstreets of Zanzibar, delve into the forests of the Congo Basin, wander the Seychelles islands and explore corners of Namibia, Uganda and Botswana. We celebrate wild dogs and insects and go on a cultural tour of West Africa. Where will you be heading next?

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In this issue:

Seychelles: All that heaven will allow
A boon in conservation projects now offers wildlife-lovers exciting new opportunities in this idyllic beach destination

South Africa: Book of dreams
Ready to get back out there but keen to try something different? We asked top local travel writers to suggest the secret experiences to put on your wishlist

Namibia: Human touch
What happens behind the scenes when tourism stops? Ginger Mauney has a look

Botswana: Growin’ up
To celebrate Muchenje’s 25th anniversary, James Gifford returns to see what the western corner of Chobe has to offer

Zimbabwe/Zambia: The river
Is there a better way to escape the noise and hustle of modern living than by drifting down the Zambezi, asks Mike Unwin? Plus, how you can do it (even without paddling)

Congo basin: Jungleland
Heather Richardson visits the enchanting forests of Dzangha-Sangha and Odzala-Kokoua, and Rod Cassidy highlights some of the wildlife you’ll want to see

Western stars
Why you should visit these 10 cultural highlights of coastal West Africa. Compiled by Gavin Thomas

Rwanda: My hometown
Alicia Erickson takes us for a walk around her adopted home of Kigali, showing us the top spots in perhaps the most charming of African capitals

Uganda: Reason to believe
Intrepid wildlife-lovers have long been aware of the appeal of Kidepo National Park in the far north, but increased interest is highlighting its wider potential, says Sarah Marshall

Kenya: Independence day
For people who want to safari on their own or have tighter budgets, Nadine Murphy talks you through your self-drive camping options in the main parks

Tanzania: Backstreets
In Zanzibar’s Stone Town, Sue Watt recalls the joy of meandering aimlessly

Born to run
With the release of the new book Remembering African Wild Dogs, we celebrate this most misunderstood of big predators and look at the impact the Remembering Wildlife project has had on conservation

• The ties that bind: more reader insights on what keeps you going back
• Legacy of love, the new coffee table book hoping to raise awareness (and funds) for conservation
• The taste of Africa, by Lizzie Williams
• Letter to you, by Sarika Bansal
• Road tripping across southern Africa, by Mike Breslin
• Sign up for online Field Guide training
• Exclusive-use safari properties

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