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Travel Africa 90 (Print edition)


• Wildlife and the weather
• Zambia’s glorious green season
• The Okavango floods in Botswana
• Water over the Victoria Falls
• Serengeti-Mara great migration
• Migratory birds & marine wildlife
• Rivers and lakes, forests and trees

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This ‘green’ issue is an exploration into how the climate affects your safari experience

Discover the weather-beaten face of Africa and how climate affects everything, from wildlife to the choices we make on safari with an overview of the continent’s climate, a question on whether to fly or not, wildlife and the weather, and how the weather shapes nature, using Namibia as our example

Despite the impact of seasons, there is never a dull time to visit Africa! We demystify South Africa’s seasons, explore Namaqualand’s magic carpet, have a look at Zambia’s glorious green season, we’ll explain the Okavango floods in Botswana, and talk about the annual flow over the Victoria Falls.

All in the timing: we’ll show you the Serengeti-Mara great migration… and beyond. A collection of articles to help you plan your ultimate trip with Animal exodus: other must-see migrations for your bucket list; Flight paths: the remarkable world of migratory birds, and; 88 Flow motion: the impact of climate on our marine wildlife

The importance of Africa’s forests and iconic trees: trees of life; the great green wall; Life in the great forests: with researchers in the Congo Basin; Iconic trees of Africa; and Botswana: the story behind Baines’ Baobabs

Lifeblood of the continent, Africa’s rivers and lakes sustain some of its richest habitats. We take a look at our great waterways plus water-based activities at any pace, we’ll have a look at the life of a waterhole and the masters of aestivation (frogs!)


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