Luis Arranza by Nuria Ortega / WWF (Travel Africa magazine)

Preserving Dzanga-Sangha

Following its Covid-imposed hibernation, both Odzala-Kokoua and the Dzanga-Sangha Protected Area (DSPA) are preparing to welcome their first visitors for 20 months. This is great news for intrepid wildlife lovers, for these forest reserves offer a safari experience unlike anywhere else on Earth. The area is of vital ecological importance and provides one of the …

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Child in the rain, by Riccardo Mayer, Shutterstock, Travel Africa magazine

States of mind

Celebrate Africa’s diversity Most people want to visit Africa for the quintessential safari experience, to see and learn more about its wildlife. Many first-time travellers’ impressions are of sun-baked grassy plains dotted with flat-topped acacia trees and trampled by thousands of animals, which of course is very real in lots of locations. But Africa also …

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Kids on safari, by BlueOrange Studio, Shutterstock. Travel Africa magazine

On Safari with Kids: 10 tips before you book

1 Wait  We started going on safari when our kids were toddlers and it was exhausting and stressful. The tension came from keeping our hectic children still and quiet during game drives, meals and midday siesta periods. Exhausting because the safari day up-ends little kids normal routines (early wake-ups, different meal times, late dinners) and our …

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Cubs in the red oat grass of the Masai Mara, Kenya. By Piotr Gatlik, Shutterstock

Stepping into the light

Out in the acacia woodlands of Naboisho the old order is changing. Here, on the edge of the Masai Mara, the Enesikiria lion pride is about to trigger one of those regular and bloody revolutions that reverberate through lion society. Between them its three territorial pride males – Saitoti, his brother Sadala and the veteran …

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Luxury safari tent, Okavango Delta, Botswana by Dietmar Rauscher, Shutterstock (Travel Africa magazine)

Spoilt for choice

Where do I start? The reality is that nearly every destination offers a range of facilities, often through the whole budgetary scope and many with specific strengths. There are some simple questions to consider when narrowing down your options. Are you set on going bushwalking with one of the best safari guides in the business? …

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Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe (Travel Africa magazine)

Six essential planning questions

There are several questions which you should consider first, which will help you get a clear idea of what you hope to derive from your trip. The continent is vast, and the range of experiences and opportunities is limitless, so understanding your hopes will help immensely with your planning. Start with these six questions to …

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