Why we’re here

We launched Travel Africa in September 1997 as a magazine for everyone with a love of the African continent, and to help inspire and inform African travellers.

We continue to strive to provide a full and balanced context on the African continent. We want people to look beyond the news headlines and appreciate the diversity and balance of this wonderful continent and her people and rich natural heritage. We’d like people to be able to make qualified decisions on where to travel, based on the reality of what is actually going on on the ground.

Africa is extraordinary. Its people some of the most peaceable, friendly and welcoming in the world. Its natural beauty and heritage breathtaking and abundant. They say you never visit Africa once; that it touches you in a way that is often hard to explain.

If we can help people to experience Africa, to open their hearts and minds to it, we will have achieved our purpose.

About the magazine

Travel Africa covers the whole of this, the world’s most exciting continent. In each issue we visit some of Africa’s most popular attractions and introduce readers to some of its lesser known, unexplored destinations. We learn about its diverse wildlife, in the process discovering some of its extraordinary flora and fauna. And we meet Africa’s people, understanding their traditions and aspirations as the continent adapts to the modern world.

Africa’s wildlife is facing a bleak and fragile future. The increase in poaching and the wildlife trade is threatening so many of the continent’s extraordinary species, large and small. We passionately believe the tourism is a strong and important tool in the fight to protect these animals. By encouraging readers to go on safari, and by creating a greater awareness of wildlife behaviour and threats to its survival, we may be able to contribute in some way to the conservation effort.

Our emphasis on the practicalities of travel in Africa will help you to plan your next safari and will address some of your concerns about travel in this vast continent.

Quality content

We’re fortunate in having access to so many of the people who know Africa best: guides, tour operators, photographers and writers. Our content is drawn from some of the best writers and photographers in the world, their creativity and expert opinion providing a read that is entertaining and informed. Whether you are a regular African traveller or exploring the continent for the first time, Travel Africa is for you.

About Gecko Publishing

Travel Africa is published quarterly by Gecko Publishing Ltd from our office in Oxford, United Kingdom. Gecko Publishing Ltd has no affiliation to any governmental, charitable, conservation or commercial organisation involved in wildlife management, the travel industry or conservation. As such it aims to provide independent and objective information to meet the customers’ needs.