What is a mobile tented safari


Of the various options available to wildlife lovers in Africa, the mobile tented safari is perhaps the most ambiguous, especially for first-time travellers who are less familiar with the experience. So, to give you a sense of what you might expect, we asked Steve Turner of Origins Safaris how he would describe a mobile tented safari.

There is something thrilling about staying in a tent on safari. Instead of being shut away behind brick and glass, enjoy the glow of lantern light on canvas walls and drift off to sleep to the sounds of the African night. When you are sleeping in the African bush, the wilderness comes to you.

There is nothing more exhilarating than falling asleep under canvas and hearing nature’s calls: from the distant roaring of lions to the beautiful lullaby of a nightjar, to waking up to the melodic chorus of birds at sunrise.

Mobile safari camps are lavish tented affairs with all the creature comforts of a lodge and the added advantage of moving as you explore. They offer an authentic safari experience, stripped of unnecessary barriers to an intimate wilderness experience, without sacrificing any comfort or convenience. This is perfect for travellers wishing to cohabitate with the extraordinary wildlife, birdlife and nature to be found in Africa in the privacy of their own surroundings.

A top tented camp offers a softer kind of adventure with all the comfort and the trimmings you’d expect from a luxury safari lodge – a traditional camping option in an area where there is nobody else. Exclusivity is the new luxury, and a mobile camp offers much greater exclusivity than most lodges allow.

The camp is completely private, meaning that you can do anything you wish, whether it is a romantic dinner in the bush or even just enjoying a sundowner while watching the sun set. You will not need to share your moment with strangers and can have a very natural safari experience while enjoying the highest levels of comfort and service.

All of our safaris are truly tailormade, down to the menus, and our camps are established in specially selected locations – expertly identified over the 50-plus years we have been operating – where wildlife is most abundant and the views most mesmeric.

Most people associate tents and camping with a sore back and a tight squeeze, but luxury mobile camping is far from uncomfortable. Our camps are set up to maximise your awareness of the natural surroundings, where the beauty of the outdoors is seamlessly brought indoors.

The Hemingway-style tents will be your home away from home, with every amenity necessary available; from duck-down feather pillows, en-suite bathrooms with flush loo, to your own private butler and 4×4 vehicle (or even helicopter).

All mobile safaris are led by a professional guide; an expert who can provide an extensive amount of knowledge on a variety of different subjects, from the local area, flora and fauna, wildlife, ornithology, and cultural heritage – but who is also an enthusiastic, multi-talented and jovial raconteur.

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