Travel Africa Extra launched


TA_Extra_Header1024Over the nearly twenty years since we started Travel Africa magazine, one of my biggest frustrations has been not having enough space to run all the features we have wanted to. Although we try our best to fill our pages with as much great quality content as possible, reflecting the diverse appeal of this amazing continent, it wildlife and people, there are so many stories we have had to turn down, postpone or abandon, simply because we had nowhere to run them.

To solve this problem, we are pleased to launch Travel Africa Extra, an online collection of curated content we love and think you’ll enjoy. Released at the end of each month, Travel Africa Extra will offer a mixed bag of destination articles, image galleries, interviews, profiles, advisories, blogs or opinion columns, drawn from the wide range of writers, photographers, guides, conservationists and travellers we have the privilege to work with.

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Craig Rix