Sudan unwrapped


An insider’s overview from the experts at Steppes Travel.

Why visit?
The history, the noble bearing of the people, the space to yourself and the incomparable desert setting make Sudan one-of-a-kind. It’s easy to overlook this mystical country, but when you consider what it has to offer you can’t help but be compelled. We fell in love with it on our first visits, and continue to rate Sudan as a must-see destination for all serious travellers.

Lying just south of the Great Cataract on the Nile, Sudan has more ancient pyramids than the whole of Egypt. The country is steeped in history and this, together with the high standard of desert camps and the remarkable hospitality of the people, make Sudan one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.


Historic sites and desert

  • North of Khartoum, in the Kingdom of Kush, you will find remnants of Egyptian influence over the tombs and pyramids built for dead kings.
  • The 13 temples and three palaces at the foot of Jebel Barkel sacred mountain have earned it UNESCO heritage status.
  • The white Bayuda desert, with great flat plains, ancient whadis and volcanic outcrops.
  • The Nubian desert, with sickle-shaped dunes dominating the plains.


  • Sitting on the confluence of the Blue and White Nile, the capital city is a melting pot of many ethnic groups that make up Sudan.
  • Khartoum has a reputation for being laid back and friendly, with a distinctly Arabic feel and plenty to explore.
  • Visit the fantastic souk in Omdurman, the camel market, the Khalifa’s house, the Mahdi’s tomb, the Hamed al Nil Tomb and much more.


  • The southern capital of the ancient Kushite empire, a once rich metropolis that thrived for over 1000 years until the fourth century AD.
  • The remains of this imperial city can still be seen; particularly notable are the Royal Cemetery and the 200-odd Nubian-style pyramids clustered around the city.

The Nile

  • The Blue Nile and White Nile converge near Khartoum.
  • There are impressive dams situated regularly along the river, supplying most of the country’s electricity.

Holiday ideas

  • Spend 11 days uncovering the archaeological treasures of the Nubian pyramids, temples and tombs amid the golden sands of the eastern Sahara.
  • Camp in comfort, and explore the ancient cities of Naqa and Mussarawat

Voice of experience
“We visited the ancient royal city of Meroe which was very interesting, but I most enjoyed the coffee we subsequently had on the banks of the Nile. Real coffee, brewed through a small sieve, laced with ginger and cardamom. We sat and relaxed with the man who came to sell us frankincense, we chatted with the men who had been tilling the fields nearby, we sat and waited with the truck driver for the ferry to arrive from across the river. We sat and laughed, chatted, looked and enjoyed. I was sorry to leave.”

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