South Luangwa moments


Few national parks offer better opportunities for wildlife photographers than Zambia’s South Luangwa, either from a walking safari, an open vehicle or a photographic hide. The range of wildlife, the dense populations of many iconic species, and photogenic scenery combine to offer an abundance of good material.

We bring you this selection of stunning images from Peter Geraerdts, who has been fortunate enough to combine his passions for Africa and photography in order to offer photographic safaris in the South Luangwa. Being a professional safari guide means that he is able offer a personalised photographic experience from his lodge, Track & Trail River Camp, on the banks of the Luangwa River.

TA Tips: a good zoom lens, 200mm or longer, will prove very useful on safari. And be sure to carry your equipment in a well-padded heat-and dust-proof case.

Almost-mating leopards

Ancient crocodile

Elephants making their way through a leadwood forest

A hyena in trouble

Puku being chased by wild dogs

Elephants crossing the Luangwa River

Sequence of photos showing a leopard up a tree spotting then pouncing on an impala

And here she is with her prize!

Wild dog chasing a hooded vulture

And a white crowned plover

In 2003 Peter completed his ‘immobilisation’ course in Zimbabwe with a view to helping wounded animals who had become victims of poachers. He is also a member of the HWPO (Honorary Wildlife Police Officers) who are non-governmental officers helping local wildlife authorities with certain conservation projects in their free time.

As a keen photographer, Peter uses the following equipment:

  • Canon bodies: 5D mark III – 1DX
  • Lenses: 16 – 24mm – F2.8 / 24 – 70 mm – F2.8 / 70 -200mm II USM- F2.8 / 200-400mm IS USM F4.0