Sacred Nature


A work of staggering beauty that showcases the life work and extraordinary talents of Jonathan and Angela Scott: creators of Big Cat Diary.

Product Description

Life’s Eternal Dance, by Jonathan and Angela Scott

Over many years, Jonathan and Angela have graced our TV screens as they showed us the fragile beauty of the planet’s wildlife and the many dangers it faced in these modern times. Their sheer talent as photographers and the unique empathy their work reveals with their subjects is the stuff of legend and without rival – as evidenced in the thirty books they have published so far.

However, this is the first book created to celebrate two lives dedicated to their art and their passion – the Nature and Wildlife of Africa. It offers the finest of their images reproduced at the highest quality on fine art paper in a large-format volume destined to hold pride of place in any library or bookshelf.

Large format; French-folded jacket, 366 x 286 mm; 288 pages, 75 colour, 65 monochrome photographs

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