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The perfect drive-guide to the world’s greatest eco-park…

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The Kruger National Park is not only a national asset for South Africa but is part of a dwindling global treasure and the collective natural heritage of all mankind. It embodies the spirit of wild Africa and offers a glimpse of what this part of the world looked like before human intervention. Although it is primarily a haven for the diverse indigenous fauna and flora and aims to conserve and preserve as much as possible of this pristine natural heritage, it is also there for the benefit and enjoyment of both local and international visitors.

Situated in the South African Lowveld between the northern Drakensberg and Mozambique, the largest national park in South Africa stretches almost 365 km from north to south and 60 km from west to east. Roughly the size of Israel (20,000 square kilometres), it is among the 20 biggest national parks in the world.

The Park forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (35,000 square kilometres), a cross-border initiative of the Peace Parks Foundation. The challenge facing national parks and nature conservation is how to maintain the natural and pristine state of an area while facilitating the tourism that supports it. To achieve this Kruger is zoned according to three categories – parts of the park are zoned for development and general tourist activities offering accommodation, an extensive network of tourist roads, picnic sites and
educational centres. Then there are sections set aside to remain pristine wilderness areas where any human disturbances are limited.

Between the pristine areas and the more developed parts, huge natural zones act as a buffer. The well-maintained tourist roads make self-driving possible and desirable for the freedom it offers. Spiritual and educational enjoyment derived from observation leads to knowledge, respect and a greater understanding of the natural world.

This book intends to enhance the self-drive experience in the Kruger National Park. Knowledge of animals, birds, rainfall, landscapes and underlying soil and rocks fi ts together
in a fascinating way. Innumerable routes are introduced, fully supported by maps, photos of the flora and fauna to be found in the area. In addition to the general introduction and advice offered, each section of a route is rated according to the type of creature likely to be observed and the likelihood of observation; distances and traversal times are always present, and the availability of hides, rest and picnic spots and facilities are also there.

This unique and highly practical book demonstrates just how accessible the African bush can be to all, and how easy it is to drive yourself on a holiday of a lifetime while watching (and photographing!) some of the most amazing animals and birds on the planet. Not to be missed!

Hardcover, 280 x 211mm, full colour with maps, charts and routes.

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