Kalahari PhotoTips


Learn how to master nature photography in arid regions in the company of Hannes Lochner – the word’s acknowledged expert in Kalahari nature photography

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Product Description

Hannes Lochner is a multi-award-winning photographer who has always been fascinated by the arid regions of southern Africa, and the Kalahari is on top of his list. His name is synonymous with the Kalahari in general – and leopards in particular. His skill has been honed by living in this iconic desert region for five years, where he spent hundreds of hours capturing inspiring images of this evocative landscape and its enigmatic inhabitants.

Hannes has an extraordinary talent for composition and his wizardry with light allows him to create photographs that communicate the essence of the animals and landscapes. It is his passion for the art that enables him to stand out as a master in an era where photography has become a pastime beloved of many. He has been recognised internationally, receiving several awards from the prestigious Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Also a great number of his photos and articles have been published in both the national South African press as well as in well-known international publications. In Kalahari Phototips – photographer on location Hannes shares his knowledge and expertise with
photographers worldwide for the first time.

The book is organised in the highly successful Phototips format. It begins with an introduction to the arid ecosystem of the Kalahari and the flora and fauna it nurtures, and then moves chapter by chapter through the various ‘tips’ and finishes with a summary of Top Ten Tips, each accompanied by an image, with the characteristic Phototips advice on ‘Lens’, ‘Settings’ and ‘How’ to go about the shot.
• Know your subject
• Know your equipment
• Tell a story
• Focus on the eyes
• Best time of day
• The little things
• Use a flash during day and night
• Get the shot perfect in the field (not Photoshop)
• Patience and perseverence
• Mastering birds (or bees) in flight
• Composition: Rule of thirds
• Shooting your camera in manual

In the photographer’s own words: “The Kalahari is one of the prime predator destinations in the world. In addition, its unique fauna and flora, dunes, savannah and dramatic thunderstorms in the summer months, always conjure up scenes which will suit your preferences and your kind of photography. Go out and discover the beauty and ambience of this unique desert environment!”

Flexibound, 215 x 215mm, 160 pages, full colour.

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