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  • Victoria Falls – leaving you awestruck
  • Kgalagadi – falling for the Kalahari
  • Secret Selous – big reserve, huge appeal
  • African Icons Gallery
  • Mountains of the Moon
  • Essential Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • Chameleons, desert life and much more

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Shades of pale 
Surrounded by the red sands and blond grasses of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Justin Fox sees more big cats than tourists

Power trip 
The sheer might of the Victoria Falls will blow you away. Our guide will help you to make the most of your visit

Against all odds 
Tony Park explores some of Namibia’s most remote and sun-scorched regions in search of desert-adapted wildlife

On the road 
Jane Labous sets off on a hair-raising journey from Ghana to northern Togo

Lakeside living 
Lake Malawi is a wonderful escape for one and all. But where should you stay? Gemma Catlin finds out

The allure of Laikipia 
This region offers an enticing blend of remote escapes and high adventure. Richard Trillo uncovers the 22 best experiences in this oft-overlooked Kenyan jewel

The secret south 
The Selous Game Reserve’s location, terrain and size make you feel truly alone in the wilderness, says Anthea Rowan

The roof of the Rwenzoris 
The Mountains of the Moon are surprisingly unspoilt. Morgan Trimble takes on the challenge of conquering Uganda’s snow-encrusted highest peak

Morocco with kids 
With medinas, snake charmers, camels, desert dunes and plenty
of sticky dates, this North African country makes a great self-drive destination for the whole family. Mike Unwin reports

Iconic Africa 
A stunning selection of images from writer David Bristow and photographers Roger and Pat de la Harpe’s fantastic new
coffee table book African Icons