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Into the Okavango
20 Walks of Freedom
Kafue, Akagera and the Bale Mountains
Self-drive Namibia and Malawi
The Matobo Hills
Uganda Travel Guide – help with itineraries and planning

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Into the Okavango
In 2014 the Okavango Delta became the 1000th World Heritage site – and not before time. This vast, varied, wildlife-abundant wetland is matchless, and long overdue protection. Here, we look at the background to the Delta’s designation, and celebrate its many wonders, beginning with James Gifford’s journey through the ebb and flow of the Okavango’s seasons.

Land of mystery and magic
Nowhere in Zimbabwe captures your heart like the Matobo Hills. Violette Kee-Tui makes the case for it to be top of everyone’s itinerary.

20 Walks of Freedom
In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s appointment as South Africa’s president, Fiona McIntosh has drawn up a shortlist of the country’s 20 best nature trails. Chosen from its well-established and wonderfully scenic network of routes that suit every level of ability, from hard-core backpacking to relaxed guided hikes, there’s bound to be at least one that will give your next safari a healthy, refreshing edge.

Virgin territory
How daunting is going to Africa for the first time? We asked US-based travel writer Hillary Richard, who was embarrassed to admit she’d always wanted to go to Africa but never had. For her inaugural safari she set her sights on the untouched wilderness of Namibia. So how did she get on?

Easy Rider
For a relaxed self-drive holiday, Malawi is an inspired alternative to South Africa, Zimbabwe or Namibia. Nick Redmayne successfully dodged the errant goats to enjoy smooth tarmac and laid-back game drives in the warm heart of Africa.

Dual personality
Many travellers seek a combination of beach and bush for their ideal safari holiday. So Emma Gregg couldn’t resist visiting the only park in East Africa that offered both.

Call of the wild
Once facing a seemingly inevitable slow strangulation, the Kafue National Park is today one of southern Africa’s beacons of hope: a vast reserve with diverse habitats, impressive tourism lodges, experienced guides and wonderful wildlife and birds. Tricia Hayne reflects.

Jackson Biko relishes any opportunity to invite visitors to spend time getting to know Kenya’s capital. Here are his pointers.

A hearty meal
Photographer Stuart Butler spent a few days living in a remote Samburu village in Kenya. While there he was privileged to be shown the ancient tradition of bloodletting – the taking and drinking of a small amount of nutrient-rich blood from a live goat or animal.

Dances with wolves
The Ethiopian wolf survives in a beautiful, but now threatened, corner of Ethiopia. It’s an area seldom visited by tourists, but is increasingly accessible – and should be on your wish list. Sue Watt fell for the charm of the Bale Mountains.

Cinderella makes it to the ball
There’s something big brewing in little Rwanda. And it’s not a small distraction on the fringes of the main event: it’s taking its place at the heart of the party. Sue Watt went to see for herself.

Uganda travel guide
That Uganda is not higher on most people’s safari wish list probably says more about that country’s marketing effort than anything else. For it is a power-packed destination that punches well above its weight and is well worth a closer look.