Guerillas of Tsavo


The East African Campaign of the Great War in British East Africa 1914-1916, by James G Willson

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An illustrated diary recording the actions and tribulations of a British Empire army at war against an enterprising, adventurous enemy.

This self-published book records the part played by East Africa – in particular, the communities of the Taita-Taveto and Kwale Counties – during the First World War. It touches on Kenya’s recent participation in WW1 centenary celebrations, but focuses on the huge and largely ignored contribution Africa made to the war; an incredible four million – 25 per cent of the population of Kenya (then British East Africa).

The author’s interest in the subject was piqued during his years as a safari guide and professional hunter in the Taita-Taveta district, where he came across shrapnel, spent cartridges and the remains of trenches.

Starting out as a collection of notes and assembled objects, Willson eventually penned this book, which is packed with images of artefacts, photographs, maps and extracts from letters. The resulting tome makes for a fascinating account of a little-known area of history. His passionate and personal interest in the subject is evident throughout.

Softcover, 210 x 295 x 18mm, 356 pages with sepia colour images.

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