Black & White PhotoTips


Learn the fine art of black & white nature photography from the masters

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This is the fourth book in the PhotoTips series, aimed at photographers who want to hone their skills to produce breathtaking images without having to learn and plough through a mass of technical detail and jargon. Heinrich van den Berg takes you with him into the wild to photograph nature from a fresh and creative perspective. Originality in composition and perspective is guaranteed. But the real key to this book and the others in the series is that they impart the knowledge and skills by example, with straight to the point notes on how to achieve the same result, whether your subject is a leopard in Namibia or a badger in Devon.

The book begins with an introduction to the world of monochrome photography – what makes it special, its strengths and weaknesses. Then follows a chapter-by-chapter instruction in the 9 principle areas of expertise to master. Several different types of image are introduced in each chapter, with a description, a general tip on how to achieve that type of image, and finally notes on the lens, settings and how that specific shot was taken. The book concludes with a chapter on photography anecdotes that readers will find both memorable and educational, followed by the Final Photo accompanied by a concise summary as to why black and white photography is so special. “Suddenly the smallest detail is the focus of an image. Texture becomes a language. Suddenly shapes are more solid.”

Each book in the PhotoTips collection replicates a mini photographic workshop that’s hand-on, practical and highly creative. Whether your interest is animals, birds, mountains or forests, you’ll learn the core rules for a variety of situations – and you’ll also learn how to break them!

The Van den Bergs are a South African family that have spent decades refining their craft to become internationally recognised nature and wildlife photographers – now their hard-earned secrets are available to all in the unique PhotoTips series.

Flexibound, 215 x 215mm, 158 pages, all in black & white, sepia and duotone.

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