Remembering Great Apes


Remembering Wildlife is the collective name for the series of books created by British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett, who was prompted to take action after seeing a poached elephant in Northern Kenya in 2014. She began asking fellow wildlife photographers if they would contribute to a fundraising book. Their response was unanimous and Remembering Elephants, by ‘Wildlife Photographers United’ was published in September 2016 with images donated by 65 of the world’s top wildlife photographers.

Such was the success that a second book, Remembering Rhinos, was quickly announced and launched in 2017, once again to critical acclaim.

Both books were prefunded by successful Kickstarter campaigns, meaning that all profits can be given straight to projects protecting the species that the book is focused on. So far more than £315,000 has been raised by sales of Remembering Elephants and Remembering Rhinos, which has been distributed by Remembering Wildlife’s charity partner The Born Free Foundation to projects in Kenya, Mali, Malawi, Ethiopia, Botswana, Chad, South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as India, Borneo and Sumatra in Asia.

Remembering Great Apes is the third book in the series and its Kickstarter campaign in March of this year hit its £20,000 target in an astonishing 30 minutes. It went on to raise £128,000 to fund production, which also allowed them to print a third print run of Remembering Elephants as the first two runs have sold out.

The publication date of Remembering Great Apes, which has been sponsored by photographic insurance company PhotoGuard, is 15th October 2018 and it will be supported by a free two-week exhibition at La Galleria, Pall Mall in London from 15th October – 27th October. There will also be a launch event at London’s Royal Geographical Society featuring talks by wildlife activist Ofir Drori and former Wildlife Photographer of the Year Tim Laman on Thursday 18th October. Over 30 contributing photographers are due to attend that event.

For more info and to pre-order books and buy tickets to the launch event go to

A small selection of the images published in Remembering Great Apes were featured in the wildlife themed October-December issue (#84) of Travel Africa, and we are delighted that Remembering Wildlife has agreed to share a further selection in this gallery below.

Having seen thousands of great ape pics over many years, we know how difficult it is to photograph them in their forest environment. It is a pretty awesome thing to have such a wide collection of the very best photographs together in one volume. We urge you to pre-order this book now.

Copies of Remembering Elephants and Remembering Rhinos are also available to buy from the Travel Africa online store here.

Will Burrard-Lucas, UK
Odzala National Park, Republic of the Congo
Western Lowland gorilla
Ape/group/community: Neptuno of the Neptuno group


Todd Gustafson, USA
Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Mountain gorilla
Ape/group/community: Kwitonda group


Piper Mackay, USA
Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Mountain gorilla
Ape/group/community: Africa


Marcus Westberg, Sweden
Kahuzi-Biega National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
Eastern Lowland gorilla
Ape/group/community: Chimanuka


Julien Polet, Belguim
Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania
Ape/group/community: Cynthia with baby, M Community


James Suter, South Africa
Mountain gorilla
Ape/group/community: Nyakagezi group


David Lloyd, UK/ New Zealand
Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Mountain goriila
Ape/group/community: Amahoro group


Christopher Whittier, USA
Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Mountain goriila
Ape/group/community: Kuryama of Beetsme group


Art Wolfe, USA
Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania
Ape/group/community: Alofu, M Community