Travel Africa 91 (Print edition)


• Walk Luangwa – inside track on a rare expedition
• The great escape – where would you go?
• Gorillas – positive wider impact of tourism
• Gorongosa – rehabilitation of this biodiverse park
• Gonarezhou – environmental impact
• Remembering Cheetahs – celebrating the elusive cat
• The business of tourism – where does your money go?
• Namibia from the air – extraordinary photography

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In this issue, we look at how tourism can transform Africa’s natural habitats, wildlife and communities :

• The business of tourism: Why do lodges charge the rates they do, and where does your money really go? • Mozambique: Gorongosa – learn more about the rehabilitation of one of Africa’s most biodiverse and least visited parks.
• Zimbabwe: Gonarezhou – Increasing tourism without impacting the environment and keeping it affordable
• Zambia: Thinking on my feet – While the world was in lockdown, Mana Meadows joined a small group walking 350km through the Luangwa Valley. The expedition offered a rare insight to untrammelled wilderness, the threats to its wildlife, the importance of tourism… and time to get lost in thought. She shares her experience exclusively with Travel Africa.
• Madagascar: Somebody to love – taking a look at the work being done to protect the lemurs and their threatened habitats.
• Kenya: Northern Rangelands – how conservancies are transforming vast swathes of land and their communities.
• Rwanda/Uganda: Gorilla revival – a profound example of the positive wider impact of tourism.
• Plus much more!


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