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Moods of Nature


Black and white photography at its finest

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The Nature series consists of four books: Art of Nature, Shades of Nature, Reflection and now Moods of Nature. By Heinrich van den Berg

This book has evolved many times since its conception, as Heinrich’s moods changed. It started full of colour, but in the end the only colour that remained was the mood colour of nature – the colour of sunsets.  The book was printed using two diverse printing processes: Sepiana for black and white and Chroma Centric for the colour images. The Sepiana process uses four grey and black inks to print, and Chroma Centric employs a special technique to enlarge the gamut of the colour it can print.

The huge success of the duotone-printed masterpiece Shades of Nature revealed an epiphany Heinrich had experienced with black and white photography. In his own words:
“The breakthrough for me came when I discovered that the medium of black and white is not based on subtraction, but addition. When converting a colour image into a good black and white image, you need to add more to the image than the colours you remove. I realised colour sometimes hides a photograph’s deeper meaning. It tends to mask emotion and character, and when you convert an image to black and white correctly, that emotion and character magically appear. For me black and white is not about sight, but about the deeper emotion. Colour photography is like a novel that spells everything out in detail, whereas black-and-white photography is like poetry – its strength isn’t in what’s said: it’s in what’s left out.”

Heinrich van den Berg demonstrates an extraordinary skill and artistry with black & white photography which empower him to reveal the unique essence and soul of each subject…

Hardcover, with French-folded jacket, ISBN 978-0-639-94731-0
Size 338 x 265 mm; 144 pages; printed in full colour: 105 b/w photographs and 9 colour photographs
Free-verse text elevates the moods of nature, and an 8-page insert contains captions and comments

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