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Travel Africa 88 (Print edition)


  • Guide to Kenya
  • Our love for lions
  • Lower Zambezi Valley accommodation guide
  • Self-drive Namibia
  • Reza Pakravan, crossing the Sahel
  • Family safaris
  • Zakouma National Park, Chad
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Kenya: 24-page practical safari planner
Planning a trip to a country as accessible and diverse as Kenya brings its own challenges. With so many options available – for first-timer visitors and regular safari-goers – perhaps it requires a bit more thought. We’ve sought the advice of those who know it best, to answer your travel questions and to give deeper insight to the many places you could enjoy.

Pride of place
Lions are undoubtably the most revered and iconic animals in the natural world, yet their future is uncertain. We showcase a portfolio of images from the new book Remembering Lions, and Morgan Trimble explores our deep-rooted love for the king of the beasts.

Making connections
Adventurer Reza Pakravan has recently completed an expedition to cross the Sahel, from Senegal to Somaliland. He reflects on some of the experiences he had along the way, introducing us to places and people most of us will never encounter. In doing so, we gain fascinating insight to this vast continent and celebrate the fascination of travel.

Botswana: behind the pictures
Wildlife photographer Charlie Lynam shares the stories behind some of his favourite images.

Namibia: The ultimate self-drive trip
Namibia is renowned as one of the world’s great self-drive destinations, with adventurers lured by its vast, open landscapes, unique wildlife sightings and a sense of escape. But what is it really like to travel around and how should you plan?

Zimbabwe/Zambia: Lower Zambezi accommodation guide
We look at the options available for you in the Lower Zambezi and Mana Pools National Parks, in one of the most remarkable wildlife regions in Africa.

Tanzania: Primal instinct
Nearly 60 years after Jane Goodall first arrived in Gombe to study chimpanzees, we return to Tanzania’s mountain reserves. What is the legacy of her work? What is the wildlife experience really like?

Chad: The phoenix has risen
So many seasoned travellers have said that visiting Zakouma National Park was possibly the best wilderness experience they’ve had. So we went to see what the fuss was all about.

Family safaris
Many people wonder what the best age is to take their children on safari. Of course, we say ‘any time’. Mary Askew took her daughters to Kenya for the first time. This is what she learnt.

South Africa: In praise of padstalle
Route 62 is South Africa’s answer to Australia’s Outback, to America’s Arizona Desert. Set back from the renowned Garden Route, few visitors drive it. This is what they are missing.


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