Travel Africa 87 (Print edition)


  • Botswana country overview
  • Self-drive Tanzania
  • 60 Reasons to visit Nairobi
  • Lapalala Wilderness
  • Slow safari
  • Walk Luangwa
  • Know your owls
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Botswana country overview – full immersion
There is no doubt this southern African country is one of the world’s great safari destinations, with an abundance of wildlife and vast landscapes. In this overview, we ask what makes Botswana special, learn how it has been shaped by water, explore its diverse attractions, meet its people and give you a head start on planning your visit.

Owls: Masters of darkness
Mike Unwin reveals his fascination with Africa’s owls, the consummate predators

Uganda: The savvy traveller’s guide to the national parks
As with every country, most visitors to Uganda won’t be able to visit all its parks. So, which should you include on your itinerary and why? To make sense of it, we get the advice of longtime visitor and guidebook writer Phillip Briggs.

Tanzania: Into the unknown
Tanzania is not widely thought of as a self-drive destination, but perhaps it should? A road trip will certainly introduce you to areas of the country you would easily miss on a traditional safari itinerary, discovers Phil Clisby.

Kenya: 60 reasons to linger in Nairobi
Jackson Biko picks 60 great things that will make it worth your while spending a few days getting to appreciate what this modern, energetic city, and its people, are all about.

Sierra Leone: Fresh start
Recovering from longstanding civil war, then Ebola, Sierra Leone is keen to develop tourism to help grow its economy. Mark Stratton went to assess its potential.

South Africa: School for life
With most tourism enterprises actively engaged in community development and conservation work, Adam Cruise returns to Lapalala Wilderness to see if, here, they have a model that truly works.

Zambia: Get on your feet
With more travellers wanting to get close to nature and to be more active, walking safaris are becoming increasingly popular. But what is it really like to participate in a multiple-day expedition? To find out, Sue Watt visited the South Luangwa National Park.

Zimbabwe: Slow Safari
If you just stayed in your lodge, overlooking a waterhole, what would happen? Why the rush to head out into the bush, chasing lions? Mana Meadows settles in at Kanga Pan. It might make you think twice about joining the morning game drive.

Namibia: In search of remoteness
In an evermore connected and busy world, the opportunity to escape, mentally and physically, is increasingly enticing. There are few places as isolated at Kaokoland. How does it feel to visit, and is it as empty as one might imagine? By Sarah Gilbert.

The big read: The L Word
A personal story of animal obsession, by Mike Unwin.

St Helena: Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Would you journey to one of the most remote places on Earth without really knowing what to expect when you got there? Perhaps this sense of discovery is why we love to travel. It certainly explains the appeal of this Atlantic island. By Scott Bennett.


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