Issue 84


The Wildlife Issue

  • Big cats, elephants, primates
  • Wild dogs, hyenas, snakes
  • Non-birder’s guide to birding
  • Forests, rivers, deserts
  • Wildlife-watching guide
  • Great expectations… and much more
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Big cat lovers
Seeing a big cat in the wild is top of many people’s bucket list on safari. But why? William Gray explains the abiding appeal of observing lion, leopard and cheetah in the wild and what makes them so captivating

Unlocking the trunk
Decades of research, aided by modern technology, have given us a greater understanding of Africa’s favourite animal – and how we can better protect it and the people whose land it traverses. By Emma Gregg

In praise of primates
On a recent trip to Uganda, Mike Unwin saw 13 primate species, including mountain gorillas, baboons and bushbabies. Here he shares his fascination with these animals and discusses their intriguing behaviour and the best places to see them

Going to the dogs
Seeing painted wolves, more commonly called African wild dogs, is guaranteed to raise your pulse. They’re beautiful, rare and fascinating to watch, particularly on the hunt when they work as a pack to catch and dispatch their prey

All creatures great and small
Aside from the obvious, there is a host of wildlife out there to seek and admire, including the more common mammals, amphibians, insects and elusive nocturnal animals. Often these creatures are the most captivating of all. By Philip Briggs

Tipping the scales
Can we convince you to love snakes? You might not believe it but there is a lot to respect about these unpopular beasts. They’re ingeniously adapted, strangely beautiful, and undeniably thrilling to spot. By Stephen Spawls

The non-birder’s guide to birding
Unless you’re an aficionado, you may be one of those people who usually look beyond the avian life on safari. But Mike Unwin questions how anyone can help falling in love with Africa’s birds

Aye-aye spy
Hidden away on the island of Madagascar, you’ll find a wacky wonderland of extraordinary biodiversity. We take a look at how the island’s ecosystem has evolved over time and reveal some of the truly bizarre and fascinating creatures you may discover here. By Nick Garbutt

The core of the continent
Savannah, bushland and desert? Yes, but Africa is also defined by its rainforest, which has some of the most diverse wildlife of anywhere on the continent. Trekking through the remote forests of Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of Congo, Scott Ramsay finds another realm that remains largely unknown to outsiders

Desert thirstlands
People think the desert is just an immensity of sand but, in fact, it’s home to some fascinating wildlife. Dr Conrad Brain takes a look at how creatures are adapted for survival in the harsh conditions of Africa’s desert landscapes, from the Sahara to the Namib

River of life
If you spend a few hours sitting by the river, you’ll be amazed by the diversity of life around you – the animals that come and go, the birds that hover above the water, the fish, crocs and hippo beneath the surface, and those fascinating interactions you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed. By Ann and Steve Toon


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