Issue 83


Wildlife lover’s guide to Kenya
Plan the ideal holiday to Zimbabwe
10 reasons to take your kids on safari
Uganda, for the love of birds
Southern Namibia
Awesome Okavango portfolio
In Mandela’s footsteps… and much more!

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The Delta in focus
Planet Okavango photographer Hannes Lochner shares his tips on how to capture the animals of Botswana’s iconic Okavango on camera

A wildlife lover’s guide to Kenya
Want to see wildlife? Plot your next safari with Richard Trillo’s overview of Kenya’s parks and conservancies

A shore thing
Looking for a great beach-bush combination? Say hello to secretive Saadani, says Julia D’Orizio

For the love of birds
This small country packs a pretty hefty avian punch, and Mike Unwin’s pursuit of turacos and shoebills is bound to interest even the non-birders amongst you

Surprising Liberia
Mark Stratton’s report is a fascinating insight to a country repairing itself… and why tourism should be encouraged

Land of the lake
While Malawi’s wildlife offering is developing fast, its lake still is the main draw. Sophie Ibbotson finds out why

In the footsteps of Madiba
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, Emma Gregg lists the best places to learn about contemporary South African culture through the lens of history

10 reasons to take your kids on safari
Father of twins Will Gray tells us why Africa is a stimulating, educational and eye-opening playground for children

How to plan the ideal Zimbabwe holiday
With so much on offer, Shelley Cox helps you to figure out which combination of attractions work well, and how to tie them together

A moveable feast
How do bush chefs produce such delectable food in the remotest of camps? Laura Griffith-Jones goes to Lower Zambezi National Park to find out

The secret south
Steve and Ann Toon take a road trip to the remote southern region and discover some weird and wonderful cultural oddities


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