Travel Africa 80 (Print edition)


The changing nature of safari
Saving the rhino
Northern Rangelands Trust
All eyes on Rwanda
Sensory safari in Mana Pools
Safari accommodation
Urban tourism… and much more!

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20/20 vision What are the hot new places you should be visiting in the future?
Mark Stratton has consulted the travel trade, journalists and conservationists to compile a list of 20 extraordinary, off-the-beaten-track destinations to put on your bucket list

Power to the people
The Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) is a pioneering partnership of local communities, which could set a blueprint for developments elsewhere. Harriet Constable tells us more

Sand and deliver
Since 1997, the continent’s coastline has improved considerably, with beach escapes increasingly accessible, diverse and eco-conscious, says Gabriella Mulligan

All eyes on Rwanda
Over the past 20 years, the country has transformed from a place of abject poverty and civil war to a progressive, stable nation. But what happens next? Sue Watt reports

Footprints in the sand
The past two decades have seen a steep rise in experiential travel. Fiona McIntosh sets off on an awe-inspiring trek in the NamibRand Nature Reserve

Senses and sensibility
The new Super Sensory Safari in Mana Pools demonstrates how innovative ideas and specialist guiding can enrich the modern-day safari, reveals Mike Unwin

Room service
As the industry has matured, standards in bush lodgings have improved and a wide range of options is now available. Emma Gregg gives us a detailed overview of safari accommodation today

Breaking the boundaries
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park was the first peace park. Steve and Ann Toon reflect on how it has changed and its enduring success

Slicker cities
Some of Africa’s metropolises are evolving into standalone destinations. Lizzie Williams reveals five great spots worth visiting in their own right

Glorious armoured giants
The rhino is one of Africa’s most iconic creatures, symbolising the struggles and successes of African wildlife conservation. In a series of short articles, Lauren Jarvis looks at the threats to its survival, and meets the people battling to protect it

Photos that weren’t possible 20 years ago
The development of camera equipment has hugely improved our ability to photograph Africa. We pick eight images that demonstrate some of the technical advancements of today

Kaleidoscope of colours
Philip Briggs shares some of the cultural highlights he’s enjoyed over 20 years of travel in Africa’s lesser-visited west


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