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The largest living thing on the African continent, by Ralph Stutchbury.

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The African Baobab is one of the largest living things in the world, an icon of the African landscape, instantly recognisable, mysterious and intriguing.

Thomas Baines, the Victorian artist and explorer called the Baobab  ‘this monarch of the forest’. The book is a multi-faceted overview that is botanical, mythical, historical, cultural, ritual, and medicinal. It is also a journey into some wonderful wilderness areas of Central and Southern Africa where these giant trees are found and where they are thought of as the home of spirits.

From the first reports by Victorian explorers, Europeans have been fascinated by the Baobab. Its extraordinary size and bizarre appearance can’t help making an impression on anyone who travels in Africa. There are always questions about its age and size and its role in the ecology of the African bush.

This book attempts to answer the obvious questions and show the tree in all its glory and in all the phases of its growth. It shows some of the most remarkable examples of the tree in the extremes of its range from deserts to waterfalls, right across central and Southern Africa.

Printed in Singapore, this 13” x 10” large format, 120 page hard cover photographic book by Ralph Stutchbury has been produced to a very high standard. Ralph is a filmmaker and photographer based in Harare, Zimbabwe, and has travelled all over Southern and Central Africa photographing wildlife and exploring wild places. His love of nature comes from being brought up in the bush where his father was a game warden before setting up and operating several well-known safari camps.

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