As Long As There Are Animals


A absolutely magnificent coffee-table book by David Lloyd

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A absolutely magnificent coffee-table book by David Lloyd

Travel Africa reader review:
Something magical happened when I opened David Lloyd’s book. It’s not just the gorgeous photographs of the African fauna that leap out at you with exquisite hues, tones and composition, but the eyes that draw you in so much it’s hard to look away. Lloyd is a master of capturing the second that reveals these animals’ hearts, souls and personalities. It is more than just a pretty coffee table book; it is a compelling document of Africa’s unwavering spirit.
Amy Shutt, Louisiana, USA

From the book’s foreword, by Virginia McKenna, OBE.
Founder and Trustee, Born Free Foundation:

This extraordinary collection of photographs is so precious and important. I am completely captivated by David Lloyd’s focus on detail. An eye, an ear, the texture of skin, a moment of tenderness, a sense of togetherness, a sense of loneliness. The vast blue sky with the huge and vulnerable rhinoceros spearing it with his horn, the leopard in the tangled forest, the elephants, whose loving and loyal family life we would do well to emulate.

Standard Edition
300 x 320 x 24mm, 148 pages
65 full colour and black and white images
Printed on 170gsm Tatami Symbol fine-art paper

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