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African Book Pack 6


Terra d’Africa, by Jacqueline De Monte and Valentino Morgante

Nature’s Best Photography Africa 2015

100 Bizarre Animals, by Mike Unwin

Black & White PhotoTips, by Heinrich van den Berg

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For any photography enthusiast interested in wildlife, and the enigmatic art of photographing them, this is a great pack of books!

Terra d’Africa, by Jacqueline De Monte and Valentino Morgante
The mammals, birds and reptiles whose home is the wilds of Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, in this hardback photographic book, presented in Italian and English.

Hardback, 26 x 24cm, 128 pages full colour

Nature’s Best Photography Africa 2015
The Nature’s Best Photography competition is one of the world’s longest-running and most prestigious photography awards. This publication features the winning works from the 2015 Nature’s Best Photography Africa competition and exhibition which was launched in 2015 in proud association with Iziko Museums of South Africa to help celebrate the continent’s remarkable natural heritage.

Hardback, 31 x 25cm, 150 pages, full colour

100 Bizarre Animals, by Mike Unwin
An eye-popping and highly readable celebration of the most extraordinary creatures to share our planet, complete with fascinating information on their behaviour, handy distribution maps and stunning images of each one in all its glory. (Please note this copy is signed by the author, but is not in pristine condition.)

Hardback, 152 pages, full colour, 23.5 x 20.5cm

Black & White PhotoTips, by Heinrich van den Berg
Aimed at photographers who want to hone their skills to produce breathtaking images without having to plough through a mass of technical detail and jargon. Heinrich van den Berg takes you with him into the wild to photograph nature from a fresh and creative perspective. Originality in composition and perspective is guaranteed. But the real key to this book is that it imparts the knowledge and skills by example, with straight to the point notes on how to achieve the same result, whether your subject is a leopard in Namibia or a badger in Devon.

The book begins with an introduction to the world of monochrome photography – what makes it special, its strengths and weaknesses. Then follows a chapter-by-chapter instruction in the 9 principle areas of expertise to master. It a mini photographic workshop that’s hand-on, practical and highly creative. Whether your interest is animals, birds, mountains or forests, you’ll learn the core rules for a variety of situations – and you’ll also learn how to break them!

Flexibound, 215 x 215mm, 158 pages, all in black & white, sepia and duotone.


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