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Issue 83 (July-September 2018) Editorial highlights

The features for this issue will include:

Kenya: A wildlife lover’s guide
We reveal everything you need to know about the many must-have experiences this East African country has to offer, as well as when and where to have them.

Family: 10 reasons to take your kids on safari
Contrary to many misconceptions, Africa is an eye-opening, stimulating and educational playground for children. Will Gray tells us why the continent is the place to take your family.

Zimbabwe: How to plan the perfect Zimbabwe holiday
Why should you visit this revitalised southern African country and how can you make the most of your trip? In this seven-page feature, we tell you everything you need to know: how long to go for; how many days to spend in each place; how to get from A to B; the best places for families, birdwatching and wildlife, and much more.

Uganda: Why Uganda will make everyone a birder
Despite Uganda’s relatively small size, its unique position – straddling the equatorial rainforests of central Africa and the savannahs of eastern Africa – means a rich portfolio of habitats and thus a profusion of species. What’s more, you don’t need to be on a specialist safari to see countless feathered delights, from the great blue turaco to the famed shoebill. Mike Unwin’s account of his visit will encourage even non-birders to appreciate the continent’s diverse birdlife.

Namibia: The secret south
Ann and Steve Toon set out on a road trip to the hidden gems of the country’s remote southern region, and discovered some weird and wonderful cultural and natural oddities.

South Africa: Holidaying in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela
It’s now been 100 years since the birth of one of the world’s greatest peacemakers, and over time a string of heritage centres, exhibitions, art trails, homestays and other cultural attractions have opened in celebration of his legacy. Emma Gregg lists the best places to enjoy and learn about contemporary South African culture through the lens of history.

Zambia: The marvels of bush chefs
How do bush chefs produce such amazing food even in the remotest of camps? On a visit to Lower Zambezi National Park, Laura Griffith-Jones spoke to chefs and camp managers to learn how the food is sourced, transported and cooked; and, of course, enjoyed the myriad culinary experiences on offer in this superb safari destination.

Malawi: Land of the lake
Lake Malawi is not only exceptionally beautiful but also offers a far wider variety of activities than any other part of the country, both in the water and on shore – from diving and snorkelling to birding and visiting fishing villages with a local guide. Sophie Ibbotson tells you everything you need to know about this varied holiday destination.

Mozambique: What lies beneath
Using the Inhambane Province as an example, Struan Douglas describes Mozambique’s extraordinary marine life — from blue whales to manta rays — and reflects on what is being achieved already, and what more can be done, to protect it.

Tanzania: Saadani National Park – the coolest park you’ve never heard of?
Straddling land and sea, this reserve isn’t your average safari destination. Julia d’Orazio reveals what makes this coastal reserve so special, describing its diverse habitats, wildlife and birds, as well as commenting on how it is being protected for future generations.

Unexplored Africa: Liberia
Many people probably don’t know where this country lies on the map, let alone why one might wish to visit a country so heavily impacted by civil war and Ebola. Yet earlier this year, following the election of George Weah as president, Mark Stratton sensed that change was nigh and went to discover the country’s surprising appeal.

Photoschool: Botswana’s Okavango Delta in focus
Taking wildlife photographs requires technical skill, practice and patience. In this stunning portfolio of images, Hannes Lochner shares his top tips on how to capture the animals of the Okavango Delta on camera.

And much more…

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