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Issue 85 (January-March 2019) Editorial highlights

Good for you!
To kickstart the new year, we’ve scoured the continent to bring you our top tips and suggestions for ways in which you can make your African holidays more invigorating, for body and mind. Including our guide to great walks and places to enjoy yoga, running and other healthy activities. Who says going on safari shouldn’t be good for you?

Africa’s changing cultural landscape
A stimulating, all-encompassing look at how modernisation is affecting Africa’s rich cultural heritage. Brian Jackman talks exclusively to the legendary Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, who have photographed Africa’s people for over 40 years; they reveal some of the ceremonies and values that are at risk; Jackson Ole Looseyia gives the Maasai perspective; we meet six millennial Africans; Emma Gregg considers the role of tourism, and Hilary Bradt discusses a rare encounter in remote Madagascar.

Underrated destinations to visit in 2019
We feature five great places that are far too often overlooked but should be on your safari wishlist this year. Each is uniquely impressive, easily accessible and surprisingly rewarding. Plus, you get credit for going somewhere a little more unusual than most.

Wildlife: Jackals
Our guilty pleasure. We all see, and love, jackals on safari, but how much do we really know about them? Mike Unwin is on hand to reveal all.

Safari planning: Teenage kicks
If your children are soon to leave school and head off to Uni or go travelling, here’s why it’s the perfect time to take them on safari – and how you can all get the most out of it. It’s not the same as travelling with kids, but so rewarding, as father of twins William Gray explains.

Namibia: Return of the Skeleton Coast lions
Lions on a beach, hunting Cape seals and cormorants? Namibia’s desert lions have returned to the Skeleton Coast, making for one of Africa’s remarkable examples of wildlife adapting to its environment. By Dr Philip Stander.

Malawi: Small island, big appeal
Laura Birtles heads far into Lake Malawi to Likoma island, anticipating a relaxing beach holiday. She gets that, and so much more.

It’s an issue that will be both inspirational and practical, a stimulating read for first-time travellers and experienced safari goers alike.

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