NBPA 2018 African Wildlife Photographer of the Year portfolio


We are proud of our association with the Nature’s Best Photography Africa competition, which celebrates the very best images of Africa’s diverse flora, fauna and landscapes.

This portfolio represents the 10 images that collectively earned Gonnie Myburgh from Pretoria, South Africa, the prestigious African Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for 2018.

Photography became an important part of Gonnie Myburgh’s life when she used it as a healing process after a traumatic period.

“When we engage in photography, we are usually focusing on the beauty of a situation,” she says. “While we are in the wild, we are briefly insulated from the intrusive hustle of society. When we want to capture a special moment, we need to synchronise with this rhythm and timing. That often requires heightened perception, diligent preparation and precise anticipation, all wrapped up in great patience and a willingness to wait for the right moment.

“My first visit to Namaqualand revolutionised my view of the world. Looking through a macro lens I became aware of a defused background against which the subject of my focus popped up, revealing an essence of the natural world that is veiled to the naked eye. The camera had introduced me to a new world within a world.

“The naked eye is denied access to the finer aspects of nature such as the detail of birds’ feathers, the anatomy of insects and the structure of plants. Such intense observations of the environment through the lens stimulate one to learn more about the hidden secrets of our planet.

“Photographers must be mindful of the fragility of the world we are privileged to record. Let us never become careless in our protection of it or indifferent to the ethical standards that need to be exercised for its preservation.”

Click on any of the thumbnails to browse the portfolio in full frame. The complete Nature’s Best Photography Africa 2018 Catalogue can be sourced at www.naturesbestphotographyafrica.com