Moods of Nature


How does seeing a photograph of an African animal or landscape make you feel? How can a photographer try to capture the atmosphere and emotion of a scene as well as record the image itself?

Fans of Heinrich van den Berg will know that he has, for some time, been exploring different ways to use his photography to enhance the connection between his reader and his subject. His past three books in particular – Reflection, Shades of Nature and Art of Nature – were creative journeys that captured our attention.

With his new coffee table book, Moods of Nature, Heinrich has once more taken a daring and bold approach to taking readers into Africa’s wilderness. By stripping colour from the images, using only orange as a highlight tone, he has attempted to create unusual perspectives and unique ways of capturing moments which leave lasting impressions – even if the subject matter is very familiar.

His accompanying text is a mix of poetry and philosophy; an effort to relay some of his thoughts and the emotion he feels when in the field.

We love it. It’s bold. Every page will leave an impression on you. And that’s rare.

Here’s a sneak peak at a selection of the images from the book (which can be purchased here). To enter the gallery, click on one of the thumbnails and flick through. Enjoy.