Dawn to dusk


We take you on a journey through a single day in the Masai Mara, using outstanding images from photographer Paul Goldstein’s latest book Mara Magic

A guide, photographer and presenter, Goldstein has worked in travel for 32 years. Described by The Sunday Times as a guide of “psychotic gusto”, his safaris and photographic expeditions have earned him a large, if thick-skinned, following. He has co-owned Kicheche (four camps in Kenya) for 16 years and has always been spellbound by the Masai Mara. He is a fierce critic of anyone that exploits wildlife and has raised thousands of pounds for charities. He loves to be bold with his camera and in his own words “messes up most images, but unless there is a gamble involved the potential grail shot (so far unattained) will never materialise.” One client likened him to Marmite — enough said.

“I first visited the Mara almost 30 years ago and was immediately smitten by these vast, prolific plains. I am still yet to find anywhere as mesmerising. Mara Magic has tried to do justice to this extraordinary area by leading the reader through a single day. By categorising them this way it should be a strong mating call for anyone who has been before and a seductive drug for those uninitiated safari-goers yet to sample the Mara. Photos still struggle to do justice to this delicate eco-system — but whether you call it stimulant or narcotic, it doesn’t matter, it is magic.”
by Brian Jackman

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