Leopard, image credit Edward Selfe | Travel Africa magazine

Photographing Luangwa’s famous leopards

People travel from across the world to enjoy Africa’s finest wildlife reserves. These wild areas are as diverse as they are numerous, supporting an extraordinary wealth of life from mega-mammals to colourful birds and incredible insects. But perhaps nothing inspires more excitement than the joy of tracking down and viewing a leopard, Africa’s most beautiful predator.

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Serengeti, Tanzania by Mike Unwin (Travel Africa magazine)

Scene but not herd

The Serengeti’s Great Migration fully justifies the park’s reputation as one of the world’s finest. But the herds are not everything. Visitors can enjoy exceptional wildlife encounters in any season — some at unexpectedly close quarters!

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Wild dog pup, Zimbabwe. Image copyright Jez Bennett, Shutterstock. Travel Africa magazine

Why do we love wildlife?

You know that scene in Jurassic Park where Doctors Grant and Sattler explore the island in Jeeps? To a swelling John Williams score, the camera pans from gaping jaws to astonished eyes as the scientists first encounter living dinosaurs. That’s how I felt the first time I saw wild elephants. We students sat squished in

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