Africa’s changing cultural landscape


Image credit: Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher


Many travellers to Africa talk about a feeling of ‘returning home’, some instinctive connection to its dusty soils and its diverse people. Certainly, there is an ease and calmness about most Africans that is reassuring and captivating.

We are drawn to the exotic, noble and romantic allure of ancient tribes, intrigued by their traditional dress, colourful ceremonies and often surprising customs. We find inspiration in the enterprise and ambition of one-world millennials with dreams in their heads and hard work in their limbs.

Perhaps more than any other continent, Africa offers a powerful visual reminder of our changing world.

Over eighteen pages we explore Africa’s changing cultural landscape. While celebrating its deep-rooted heritage, we consider the erosion of long-held traditions, look to the future and ponder our role as tourists.

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