Our mission: for the love of Africa

We aim to inspire, inform and entertain anyone with an interest in Africa.

Whether you are new to the continent or an experienced safari-goer, there’s always more to learn, new places to discover, fresh experiences to have, strange and wonderful wildlife to see, and absorbing people to meet.

We’ve been publishing Travel Africa since 1997, and it still feels new and fascinating, while being comfortable and reassuring. “Out of Africa, always something new” – and we love, love, love our adventures through every issue. They say you don’t know what’s under a stone until you turn it over. We love turning over stones.

We get as excited venturing into unchartered territories as we do revisiting familiar parks. It’s amazing how you can travel down the same road and have a different experience each time. Equally, there are so many reserves, beaches and cities to visit across this vast continent, that it is a privilege to be able to introduce you to some you may never have considered or even heard of.

Increasingly, we cherish taking our time to look around, to soak it all in and reflect on what it is that makes this continent so addictive. In a busy world, sometimes it is nice just to sit and let the peace and calm that the African bush offers wash over you. We need that.

We remain absorbed by the extraordinary diversity of nature, the wealth of flora and fauna across the continent and we appreciate the guides and experts who open up these worlds to us. Like you, we are concerned about the future of our environment, and like to learn more about the people and programmes that can help protect it – and how tourism itself is so critical to the conservation effort.

We celebrate the character and attitude of Africa’s people, who show a resourcefulness, a kindness, a consideration that is admirable and welcome amid the hustle and bustle of modern living. There’s a wealth in the values of these fascinating cultures – a compassion and charm that we just wish we could bottle.

We savour the moments that speak to our souls in a way that is difficult to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced them themselves: the excitement and tension that hangs in the air when hugging a 5am pre-game drive coffee; sundowners overlooking a waterhole; the sounds of the African bush; the endless space and vast skies; the contented crackle of a campfire under the stars; the smell of the rain. Each of us has our own moments that stay with us, and we love to try and connect with these in the pages of the magazine.

We are blessed to work with a group of hugely talented writers and photographers from all sorts of backgrounds. It is a joy to work with these people; to give them a platform to express themselves and to share their own passion, their curiosity, their concerns and their craft with you.

When it comes to the practicalities of travel, we are able to draw from the experience and knowledge of so many people in the travel industry, both on the ground in Africa and in the UK, USA and around the world. To be able to pull together such a range of opinions and expertise in one place is a privilege – and makes for all the more relevant and helpful advice.

We are so lucky that we are able to indulge our love for this extraordinary continent with others who share it. Our readers are so passionate, engaged and fascinated with Africa – many of whom have subscribed since we launched Travel Africa 24 years ago – and we are truly thankful to everyone who is sharing this safari with us.

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