6 of the best adventure activities in Swakopmund


lr_fatbike-tours_002Whether you’re sailing through the air or hurtling down some dunes, there are multiple ways to enjoy Namibia’s adventure capital. Carrie Hampton reveals the top sea, sand and sky experiences

1 Tour Swakopmund by bike
The Bavarian-style town of Swakopmund is surrounded by sand and a great way to explore the dunes is on a fat-wheel bike. Wide tyres handle the sand brilliantly and daring riders can tackle some monster dunes.
How to book  Pedal your way through the dunes with Swakopmund Fat Bike Tours. swakopfatbiketours.com

2 Make the jump
Terminal velocity doesn’t agree with everyone, but if you really want to push your limits, a skydive is a great way to appreciate the views around Swakopmund.
How to book  Ground Rush Adventures offers tandem skydives and is one of the largest operations of its kind on the continent. skydiveswakop.com

3 Take on the dunes
Cutting through the desert on a quad bike is a great family adventure option; however, if you fancy something a little more daring, sandboarding is addictive once you’ve taken the plunge. (As a tip, I preferred the lying-down, head first approach because you can’t fall much further than you already are, although you are more likely to end up with a mouthful of sand!)
How to book  Take a quad bike tour for one hour or three with Daredevil Adventures. daredeviladventures.com

4 Kayak among seals
Start your trip with a scenic 4WD through Walvis Bay Wetlands to Pelican Point Peninsula. Your next stop should be Cape Cross Seal Reserve, reached by jumping into kayaks and paddling across the waters. Here, the seals leap and dive all around you and have been known to jump over (even onto) kayaks. Jackal, flamingos and pelicans make an appearance and sometimes, if you’re lucky, even dolphins and whales.
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5 Discover desert creatures
The Namib supports incredibly adapted wildlife that only a skilled guide on a desert tour can show you. Discover sand-diving lizards, web-footed geckos, sidewinder snakes, spiders, scorpions and a collection of strange plants. You’ll gain a great respect for nature while getting the sand between your toes.
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6 Fly the skies
Namibia’s extraordinary landscapes are best seen from the air. Consider a day flight to Sossusvlei and its sea of sand dunes, or Epupa Falls, with a visit to a nomadic Himba village. Alternatively, view the Skeleton Coast and its eerie shipwrecks or marvel at the Fish River Canyon — second only in grandeur to the Grand Canyon.
How to book  The sky’s the limit on the choices here but a good option is Namibia Scenic Flights. namibiascenicflights.com